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Leadership in organizations are beginning to see the benefits of consciously measuring and managing their culture by embracing the metrics of employee engagement and fulfillment to unlock new potential for their bottom lines. Read how Massively Human Leadership™ utilizes powerful tools and expertise to boost employee engagement and the bottom line.

Culture eats strategy for breakfast
Peter Drucker

The Roadblock

When proposing a culture change initiative one question we inevitably get asked is centered around the justification for the investment of time and money required for a successful initiative.

Massively Human Leadership™ initiatives range from multi-month to multi-year engagements. These are not small investments to be taken lightly. Initiatives have a cost range from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand.

In most cases, the person who is championing the initiative often does not need convincing of the value. However, they do need to justify the investment to their Board of Directors and/or Senior Leadership who approve such investments.

Justify Culture Transformation & Employee Engagement Initiatives

The bottom line reigns supreme, that is a fact. Massively Human Leadership™ combines, what some might consider competing priorities in culture transformation and employee engagement with profit. We facilitate game-changing initiatives that build both culture and bottom line because they are directly connected.

Our cutting edge tools help our clients measure and manage the intangibles of culture transformation and make it tangible to take action to find alignment and boost their bottom line. We facilitate game-changing initiatives that build both culture and bottom line.

Working on the roots of the organization directly reduces employee turnover, increases employee engagement, reduces entropy (behavior spent on non-productive activity), reduces cost sucking metrics like sick time and absenteeism, to name a few.

Our approach is simple: Employee Engagement and Culture Transformation is good business and we have the data to prove it…

A Case Study: Employee Engagement & $1.8 Million Month

Let’s explore how we measure culture and use the data to inform how we proceed by pulling an example from the Massively Human Leadership™ archive of culture transformation initiatives…

We were engaged by a successful consumer-based company in California. The sales were stalling and they were introducing another product to the market. They wanted to explore if their current culture and organization structure was contributing to stalled sales.

They invested in the Massively Human Leadership™ Intensive Program program that includes an employee engagement and culture assessment survey, team building, and leadership development.

Employee Engagement Survey by Massively Human Leadership and Kathleen Seeley

The Data // The Action

With the Massively Human Leadership™ tools and approach, we identified the sales team all expressed a strong desire for teamwork, strategic alliances, and collaboration.

Upon close examination of the employee engagement and culture assessment and dialogue, we discovered the antiquated traditional commission structure rewarded individual sales and resulted in information hoarding of sales and a great deal of competition among team members. Leading to a culture of competition, silo-mentality, information hoarding, and blame.

This information led to a total overhaul of the commission structure for the sales team. The current structure did not allow team members to leverage their desired values. We worked with them to build internal capacity to foster alignment between the values they wanted to exhibit and the systems currently in place for the sales team.

The Results = $1.8 Million Month

Once in place, the sales team boasted a record sales month of $1.8 million. This was a result of engaging the team in dialogue, agreeing to new compensation structures where commissions are pooled and clear agreement to how they would hold each other accountable to equal contribution and shared workload.

As a result of the changes we made the company reports relationships are more collaborative, they feel more like a team and the tools helped them learn how to hold themselves and each other accountable to their desired future. What is also true, one of the team members left the organization because the new commission format was not one she wanted to embrace. The structure has been modified a few times to find a perfect flow, however, all adjustments are agreed upon through collaborative dialogue.

Wrap Up: Employee Engagement Pays

This case study demonstrates how the Massively Human Leadership™ process combines traditional business metrics with culture transformation and employee engagement initiatives.


Firms of endearment data for Employee Engagement


The book Firms of Endearment by Rajendra Sisodia, Jagdish N. Sheth, and David Wolfe looks at how companies that consciously invest and nurture their culture see an average return of 1618% vs. the S&P 500’s 118%. Showing that investing, measuring, and consciously managing an organization’s culture and employee engagement drastically affects their bottom line. Our case study above from the Massively Human Leadership™ archive further backs up this research.

If you are looking to tap into your biggest asset: Your Human Capital. Start measuring and managing your culture with Culture ID. An analysis where we will deliver tangible data in as little as 30 days. Learn more here.

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