Leadership Development
Build leadership capacity in current leaders and tap into future leaders for organizations.

Life Coaching
Help individuals looking to find more happiness, fulfillment & success in their lives.

Group Coaching
Leverage the tools for a scalable business and work with groups of any size.

Executive Coaching
Work with professionals to develop leadership capacity for better results.

Leverage the Barrett Values Centres extensive suite of Culture Transformation Tools for use with individuals, groups, teams, and organizations. Becoming a Certified CTT Practitioner provides you with both the tools and approach to begin or enhance your coaching practice with tangible tools and profound results for your clients. This tool transformed my coaching business and I want to share it with you!

Everything You Need to Succeed


Turn-Key Framework

The Barrett Values Centre CTT Certification provides a full system capable of facilitating individual, Executive, team and organizational transformation.

Led by Industry Leader

Kathleen Seeley brings 25+ years coaching, consulting, speaking and culture transformation experience to her training.

Ongoing Support & Community

The training goes beyond the live experience. We have a community that meets every month to continue learning and utilization of the tools and share Best Practices.

Our Supportive Community Awaits

The Business of Coaching


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Why learn with us?

We use the best tools & approach available

We certify you as a Practitioner in the Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) that utilizes Richard Barrett's 7-Levels of Consciousness model designed for Individual, Group, Team and Organization growth, transformation and development. The broad range of surveys and tools available to you as a CTT Practitioner provide the tools and approach you to need to make the intangibles tangible and provide lead indicators for measuring individual and collective performance. Whether it be at home or at work, with individuals or groups, the tools are successfully leveraged globally, translated into 50+ languages and user-friendly making it easy for you to impact positive change, wherever your focus.

A Dynamic Duo

The Barrett Values Centre (BVC) is a leading firm in values-based metrics for businesses and individuals. The BVC created one of the most detailed and comprehensive diagnostics commercially available; the Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT).



Massively Human Leadership™ is a leading training, coaching, and organization consulting firm. With over 25 years of experience, we know how to prepare you to create a coaching and consulting firm that can thrive thanks to the practical tools we leverage and the community we create.

Certified Graduates
Training Hours
Years Experience
Receive the highest level of certification available from the Barrett Values Centre. Proudly facilitated by Barrett Values Centre Partner Kathleen Seeley and Massively Human Leadership™.
Kathleen Seeley - speaker, coach & consultant

Kathleen Seeley

Your Guide & Mentor

Kathleen Seeley is an international leadership expert, business consultant, author, and coach with over 25 years of consulting experience. She is known for her authenticity, practical tools and her and ability to create lasting change in individuals and organizations. She has built a successful personal development brand in Be Massively Human and respected corporate leadership firm in Massively Human Leadership. Kathleen has 3 children and 2 cats and lives in a small town in British Columbia, Canada and works both globally and online.

Learn More about Kathleen

Two Experiences Available

Standard Certification – $5,495 USD

4 day Experience

A 4 day experience to be a full Certified Practitioner of the CTT tools. You will receive everything you need to understand & leverage the CTT tools in your business.

Advanced Certification – $6,995 USD

5 Day Experience

A 5th day added after the certification to take your learning to the next level with additional training and resources to help you build your business faster.

Class sizes limited to 16 new students for the best experience possible.

Payment Plans Available

Begin your CTT journey by building your values literacy, experiencing the work for yourself and develop your foundation of learning.

  • 3 – 90 minute Zoom Meetings.
  • Recorded for your convenience.
  • Lays the foundation for deeper learning.
  • Meet fellow participants.
Live Training

Immerse yourself in the CTT work. Grow your understanding of the theory, research, application, and scope of tools and resources that are available in a supportive and diverse environment.

  • 32 Class Room Hours.
  • Lunch & Snacks Included.
  • On-Site Accommodation Available.
  • Unmatched Interactive Learning.

Integration of the work and support in your application of the tools, resources, and skills acquired from the live training.

  • 3 – 90 minute Zoom Meetings.
  • Recorded for your convenience.
  • Helps with further integration of learning and execution on using tools with your clients.
Join the Community

Monthly meetings facilitated by Kathleen and other experts to provide real-time support and collaboration to ensure ongoing of the tools, resources, and skills acquired from the live training.

  • Monthly Meetings.
  • Recorded for your convenience.
  • Special Guests.
  • 100+ diverse members.
  • Ongoing learning to supplement your business (marketing, technology, sales, etc.).
Day 5 Advanced (optional)

An additional day to develop your values fluency. Create and get feedback on your pitch to clients, superiors, friends, etc.Access to the Massively Human Leadership™ VAULT of surveys to allow you to see, explore, and practice your knowledge with real examples.Note: The 5th advanced day is after the 4 day standard certification. No additional travel is needed.

  • 7 Additional Classroom Hours.
  • Additional Tools & Resources.
  • Develop pitchTalk about pricing.
  • Read and Unpack REAL Massively Human personal and corporate clients with feedback.

The Foundation: 7 Levels of Development

About the Model

Every human being on the planet evolves and grows in consciousness in seven well-defined stages. Each stage focuses on a particular existential need that is common to the human condition. These seven existential needs are the principal motivating forces in all human affairs.The levels of consciousness an individual operates from depends on their ability to satisfy their needs. The diagram describes the Seven Levels of Personal Consciousness and by clicking the pulsating numbers, more information will appear.Richard Barrett mapped values choices to each of the 7 levels to visualize an individual's current state of dispersion of energy on each level of development.To learn more, read the full article here

Origins of the Model

“I created the Seven Levels Model to provide a clear understanding of human motivations. The model is based on Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. It was apparent to me that Maslow’s research and thinking was ahead of his time. Abraham Maslow died in 1970 at age 62, well before the consciousness movement had taken root. I saw that, with some minor changes, his hierarchy of needs could be transposed into a framework of consciousness. In 1996, I set about making these changes.”

Richard BarrettFounder of the Barrett Values Center

Read Richard's full article here.

Level 1 Physical survival and safety, finances and health.
Level 2 Relationships with others; are they healthy, unhealthy, or lacking altogether.
Level 3 Connected to your self-esteem or feeling of self-worth.
Level 4 Continuous growth and transformation as a person. Learning new things and having new experiences.
Level 5 Gaining a sense of who you are. Discovering what gives you satisfaction fulfillment.
Level 6 Making a difference by sharing your gifts with the world.
Level 7 Selfless Service and Legacy.

The Experience

To give you an idea of how you would leverage the tools, we thought we would lay out what it looks like for both you and the client if they were to engage your services as a life or executive coach certified as a CTT Practitioner.

life coaching from a massively human caoch

Introduction to the Work

Share the work with potential clients by utilizing the introductory Personal Values Assessment (PVA) to allow the individual to see the profound insights you can provide with a deeper engagement.

Tangible & Visual Tools

Break the mold of traditional life coaching and help your clients see how their values underpin everything they do! Thes tools create a tangible roadmap for your client to see where they are, compared to where they want to be, and create a roadmap to get them there. The tools bring to the surface the things that may be blocking their next step and also helps them leverage their strengths to breakthrough any roadblocks.  Using values as a framework ensures al life goals are aligned with deeply held values a key contributing factor to successfully create that which you most desire.

Sustainable Results

A values-based approach to coaching is the emerging gold standard of personal development. Clients will experience deep insights that they will understand and be able to leverage their learnings for a lifetime.

Introduction to the Work

The Culture Transformation Toolkit is packed with tools for every type of intervention.  A free, introductory tools allow you to give your potential client experience of ‘seeing themselves in the work’ and increasing the likelihood of enrolling them as a paying client.

Tangible Tools for You

The client completes a survey and the results are sent to you instantly. Allowing you to prepare to coach the client to better results based on tangible data. It provides a road map for you and your client. Tap into the Massively Human™ Community by sharing your clients anonymized results to receive even more insights to change your client’s life.

Deep Results

Deep results allow you to offer longer coaching engagements that continue to deliver meaningful insights and sustainable change for your clients.

values based life coaching from a massively human coach

Why Choose Massively Human?

The Barrett Values Centre has many wonderful partners that can certify you in the Culture Transformation Tools Practitioner Certification around the world. So Why Choose Massively Human™?

25+ Years of Experience

Kathleen Seeley, a proud Partner of the Barrett Values Centre, has the experience to deliver her Certification that ensures your deep learning and integration of the CTT Tools. As a Practitioner herself, actively using the tools in her consulting practice, she brings real-world experience to her Certification program.

Upgraded Materials

Massively Human™ prides itself in providing premium materials and experience to make both your live experience and post-event review as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

North American Based

We are the first Practitioner Certification partner of the Barrett Values Centre to be based in Canada. From 2017 to present, Massively Human<sup>™</sup> has certified nearly 100 individuals as Practitioners and continues to build a highly engaged community of practice among those she has Certified.

We Walk the Talk

We actively use the tools in all aspects of our business. Ranging from high-end personal growth experiences like Values 4 Success<sup>™</sup>, online programs, personal & executive coaching, and our corporate leadership and culture transformation initiatives. Our Certification ensures real-world practical insights into their application.  

Community of Support

We have a diverse group of nearly 100 consultants and coaches, from around the world, who make up our very engaged community of practice.  We host monthly calls to provide a forum to share wins, troubleshoot challenges and we often bring on experts to help you grow your practice and competency.

In Person Experience

Our upcoming June Certification in Kelowna, BC Canada is an in-person event. It allows you a tangible experience and connection with fellow participants. Online training has its advantages but a LIVE experience is hard to beat.


(Click their photo to read what they have to say)

J.L. Ashmore

Author, Speaker, Consultant - jlashmore.com

In my business consulting work with corporations, I find the CTT tools to be very valuable. When coaching individuals within a team, I see those team members feel empowered, acknowledged and valued by their company's request and interest in the individual's personal values. As well, the team member's perspective of the company's current culture and the member's desired culture allow the team member to feel they are a part of the project to shift the culture. It is fulfilling for me to conduct coaching sessions with individual team members using the CTT assessment results and help them find next steps in their and their team's development.I recently worked in a pharmaceutical research company who had a research facility with many challenges. The site had changes in leadership multiple times over a few years and the employees were not fully engaged. With the CTT tools, the new Site Director was able to see the comparison of the individuals personal values, current culture and desired culture that exposed the lack of trust, insecurity, and competitive nature that had developed at the site. With this information, the leader established the need for increased communication on his part and team building needs for better communication between departments.Most leaders using these tools can view their teams at a depth previously unavailable to them. The group assessment allows me to consult and coach the leader not only in the team's next level, but the leader's as well. These tools allow me as a coach/consultant to assist people in taking a deeper dive into what is at the core of their and their teams challenges and what direction to guide them to make the greatest impact. It is additionally rewarding for me as a service provider to see how individual's can apply the assessment work in all areas of their life.

Carolyn Swora

Workplace Culture Architect - pinnacleculture.ca

With regards to my practice, values is front and centre. I’ve incorporated a behaviour change support tool after all my values workshops to help individuals make commitments to support a change. It’s providing additional support after my workshops which is great and it’s also providing great insight. I am launching a mastermind program to help individuals who are passionate about changing the culture on their teams. It will involve this behaviour change tool plus the CTT Tools. This will complement the work I’m doing with the executives at the top to drive culture evolution from the top down...I’m so glad I invested the time and money to get certified.

Raouf Kishk

Founder - EveryBody Matters

As you scan LinkedIn and other business publications, there seems to be a flurry of articles relating to the lack of employee engagement, satisfaction at work, lack of trust with their direct and indirect leaders. Further, we read many articles relating to employees quitting primarily due to their managers and not necessarily their colleagues or company.We also read many other articles targeted at managers and executives relating to how to motivate, inspire and get the best out employees, and how to become better leaders.A missing link is a tool that measures and tracks hard to measure attributes like 'Values' and 'Culture' and correlates the effects to the bottom line. The Cultural Transformation Tools help coaches bring tangible hard cost value to any organization leaders, and aids in conversations and workshop sessions which can often be subjective in substance, into objective measurable expectations and outcomes for any business. I have been looking for such a tool to build my consulting practice around, and now I have it with a backend support structure and case studies to boot.

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What You Will Recieve
  • Minimum 32 Classroom hours
  • 9+ hours LIVE online teaching
  • Full Practitioner Accreditation
  • Printed Diploma
  • Includes tools (up to $1,800 value)
  • Community Access (12 months)
    • 100+ Members
    • Monthly Meetings
    • Special Guests
  • Slides & Materials
  • and MORE

Are there Annual Fee's?

No! You only pay for the tools (a.k.a. surveys) that you use.

How much is a survey?

Contact us to learn more about survey costs

What do I charge clients?

It is nearly an impossible question to fully answer. It depends on your experience and target demographic. ICF quotes the following:

  • $200 – $500 / hour
  • $70,000+ avg. yearly income

Do you help me get clients?

Never directly. With that said, we have a community of coaches & consultants that are out in the world building their coaching practice. We all collaborate and share what is working and what is not. We all benefit from the community we have created of Massively Human Certified Practitioners.

Everything You Need

We have certified ~100 people to utilize and leverage the CTT Tools to grow both their impact and bottom line in the last 18 months. We can do the same for you. Click below to get started and talk to a member of our team about how the CTT Tools can be a fit for you, your goals, and your business.