World-class Speaker, Leadership & Culture Transformation Engineer, Author and Executive Coach

Kathleen Seeley

Kathleen Seeley is a longstanding international leadership expert, business consultant, author, and personal & executive coach with over 25 years of experience. She is transparent, edgy, walks her talk, and unapologetically lives her most authentic and passionate life. She weaves her personal stories of her good and her not so good moments in order to demonstrate the power of the transformational tools she shares with her audiences.

Engaging Keynotes
Keynotes for groups ranging from 50 – 1500, she leaves her audience always wanting more!

Exclusive Life Coach
Coaching you to design your life with more Happiness, Fulfillment, and Success…on your terms!

Regarded Executive Coach
Work with professionals looking to develop leadership capacity to become a leader worth following.

Corporate Consultant
Practical tools designed to build leverage the power of values to build leadership capacity, increase engagement and transform culture.

Worldclass Keynote Speaking

Kathleen’s Keynotes are engaging, insightful, inspirational and practical; she always leaves her audiences satisfied, inspired, set for clear action and wanting more! Sample topics include:

  • How to Thrive in Uncertain Times
  • Inspired and Aligned: The Secret to Creating the Life You Desire
  • Leadership, Culture, Values, and Change: Simply Good Business
  • Leadership in a Hurry: Introduction to Values-Based Leadership
  • Leadership, Life, Love, and Laundry: Tales from the Front Lines of Life!
  • Passion, Values, Inclusion, and Autonomy: The Causes of Engagement
  • and many more (and completely custom to your event)

Recent Feedback:
"Introduction to Values-Based Leadership"

Relevant & delivered in a logical manner
Addressed major points surrounding topic
Length appropriate for delivery of content
Met my expectations
Presenters demonstrated expertise
Presenter's energy kept me engaged
life coaching from a massively human caoch

Exclusive Life Coaching

Kathleen Seeley has over 25 years of coaching experience. The tools she shares are practical and her experiential method for teaching makes them immediately applicable. Investing in coaching with Kathleen is a surefire way to begin to connect with what matters most to you and how to bring more of that into your life. Kathleen's clientele is diverse and ranges from single mothers looking to find themselves outside of their family obligations to busy executives looking to find more balance in their lives.

life coaching from a massively human caoch
values based life coaching from a massively human coach

Regarded Executive Coach

Kathleen Seeley brings 25 years of working with leaders and teams in organizations into her Executive Coaching practice. Investing in Executive Coaching with Kathleen will help you leverage your core values to master your integrity and authenticity and develop a healthy balance of self interest and the common good. The tools she shares are practical and immediately applicable to your leadership practice.

Trusted Corporate Consultant

Kathleen’s work is targeted to create sustainable values-driven cultures. A values-based approach is emerging among leadership around the world as a pathway to a more stable and sustainable human future. A focus on values takes us to a level of awareness beyond the short term and enables insight into meaning and purpose.

Her work is relevant as the requirements of leadership are undergoing a major transformation. Leaders are called to shift from delivering on short-term goals to positioning for long-range wider potential; from directing day-to-day to enabling environments of possibilities, and moving away from rules and procedures toward coordinated action through shared visions and values. The tools she shares are practical and her experiential method for teaching makes them immediately applicable.

what the people are saying

Kathleen is an amazing coach and presenter. She has a fantastic sense of humor and a gifted talent for seeing past our biases to challenge us and encourage us to take a leap or even just a baby step forward. Very highly recommend taking 'a leap' yourself and see where it takes you.

Valerie GlossopPrevious Participant

Kathleen Seeley helped me to realize that I was spending too much energy focusing on cognitive fixes to my internal struggles. I highly recommend Kathleen Seeley. Individual values show up via behaviors in everything that we do and drive or frame how we define success as an individual.

Jerome A. JohnsonDeputy Director for Strategy and Innovation DC Department of Employment Services

Since time with you, my relationship has increased trust in each other and has deepened and I believe it’s because we are both being more authentic and Massively Human™.

Tina RaffaBusiness Owner

Since engaging Kathleen and her team in 2003, we have tripled our annual sales and added more than $700M to our books. She has not brought all of this success but is instrumental to our success.

Fred DesjarlaisVP Volker Stevin Canada

Hello! I'm Kathleen

Your Guide & Mentor

I like to say I make a living by being a disturbance! I'm infinitely curious and I notice in myself I continually disrupting my own thinking by questioning it, being more curious than afraid to look behind the curtain of those things that trigger or inspire me to see where my disturbances come from. I've spent the past 25 years on this path of self-discovery and it has led me on many adventures both inside my own thinking and connecting with the most interesting people from around the world.

For the past 25 years, I have used my curiosity to create safe spaces for individuals and teams to examine their own thinking, to face their disturbances, to question their stories and through their own awareness breakthrough limiting patterns and beliefs to unlock their individual, leadership team potential. To be Massively Human in their life and their leadership!

Some things I have studied:

  • Masters in Leadership
  • Masters Certification in Values-Based Leadership
  • Barrett Values Centre Training Partner
  • Jack Canfield Senior Trainer & Partner
  • Certified Human Element Practitioner
  • Amazon Best-Selling Author
  • Alumni Faculty at Royal Roads University, Victoria BC
  • An adjunct professor at George Washington University, Washington DC

You never touch someone so lightly that you do not leave a trace.

Peggy Tabor MillinAuthor

This is my guiding quote in life and in business. Everything we do causes something to move. I am committed to leaving the most positive traces behind, and when I fall short of my own expectations, I am committed to own it, to reconcile and grow. Every moment contains an opportunity to make a difference and allow us to collide with reality to become more fully part of it. My personal mission is to positively impact people and share simple tools, as an invitation not an obligation, to become more conscious of the trail they leave behind in life and leadership.

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