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"Leadership is a behaviour, not a role"

by Massively Human Leadership

Leadership and culture are fundamentally intertwined, and leaders are the main architects of the culture. The culture of an organization is a reflection of the values, beliefs, and behaviors of leaders of the group and the legacy of past leaders. Cultural forces are powerful because they operate outside of our awareness. We have the ability to measure, monitor and manage culture and leadership capacity.
Integral to leading from deeply held values is mastering your integrity, authenticity and being committed to something bigger than yourself. This forms the foundation for being an effective leader and the effective practice of leadership. Leadershift explores your leadership team current capacity, their strengths, and developmental gaps to build individual and collective leadership capacity.

“Organizational transformation begins with the transformation of the leaders.”

Richard BarrettFounder Barrett Values Centre

Leadership // Culture

Leader: An individual responsible to manage the values of the organization. Who you are as a leader—the values you embrace, and the beliefs you hold— are automatically transmitted to the group you are responsible for through your words, behaviors, and actions.

Hence: Organizational Transformation begins with the Personal Transformation of the leaders. If the leaders don’t change, the culture won’t change.

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We know and understand that the development of your leadership team is a critical investment in the continued growth and stability of your company. We have the experience, expertise, and passion to help you develop and deliver high-performance leadership skills training across all management types, including front-line managers, matrix leaders, senior leaders, and executives as well as future leaders.

Because we believe leadership is a behavior, not a role.


Current State Measurement

Prior to the live training, each leader participated in a Leadership Development Report 360 assessment.

Leading Self

Self-understanding is fundamental for leadership excellence. Essential to effective leadership is to master one's integrity and authenticity to develop a healthy balance of self-interest and the common good.

Leading Others

Leadership effectiveness is measured by the followers, Leading Self is established participants learn how to transition these skills into their day to day leadership practice.
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Vision-Guided: An inspiring vision keeps everyone heading in the same direction. The vision of the organization guides its long-term decision-making.
Mission-Focused: A purposeful mission inspires employees on a daily basis. When employees are able to align their personal sense of purpose with the organization’s mission, they find meaning and bring their whole selves to work.
Values-Driven: Your organizational values tell you how you need to be, individually and collectively, to achieve the organization’s mission and vision.
Values-Aligned: When the values of the organization are in alignment with the personal and desired culture values of employees, you will experience high levels of employee engagement. People will bring their discretionary energy to their work and go the extra mile to get the job done.
Low Cultural Entropy Scores: When a Cultural Entropy score is low, efficiency and productivity are high. A low Cultural Entropy score is strongly correlated with high employee engagement.
Some notes from past & current clients

Since engaging Kathleen and her team in 2003, we have tripled our annual sales and added more than $700M to our order book. With more than 300 employees in this company, we have recognized incredible employee retention, with an average tenure of more than 15 years and very low turnover. The results of this retention have translated into the highest quality scores amongst our competition for the Provincial highway maintenance contracts in Alberta Canada, and a three-fold improvement in our HSE measures. Now, obviously, Kathleen and Massively Human Leadership™ have not brought all this success to us single-handedly, however, they have been an instrumental player and partner with our team, and our success.

Fred DesjarlaisVice President at VOLKER STEVIN Canada

I was very positively surprised by the amount of integration you had achieved. In particular, I find that the Values-Driven Leadership piece is a powerful integrating piece of work. It links Transformational Leadership to research and theories of adult development, mission-centered motivation, employee engagement, and, even spiritual development. I agree with Peter Drucker "culture eats strategy for breakfast". Real transformation involves growth in consciousness, higher order values, and serious skills in change leadership.

Jim RobinsonExecutive Director, George Washington University Center for Excellence in Public Leadership

“The Massively Human Leadership team will dramatically change the trajectory of your business! One year later, our team is stronger than ever. The personnel we thought we couldn’t live without are gone and the real superstars began to emerge because of a new, safe, transparent culture!

Charlie HewittPresident, Mirror Studios, Inc Anchorage, AK

Kathleen Seeley [of Massively Human Leadership] brings her wisdom and a powerful series of experiential exercises providing deep insight into the keys of effective executive decision-making and personal transformation. I wholeheartedly recommend Massively Human Leadership's Leadership Program for anyone who is strongly committed to their individual and team leadership and organization's success.

Anita Sanchez, PhDCEO of Sanchez Tennis & Associates

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