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Scaling from one-to-one to one-to-many is every coaches dream (at least it should be). For anyone who attended my recent webinar this will sound like a familiar story BUT it literally just happened and I wanted to share it with you all how I leveraged the BVC tools from one interaction into a mid 5-figure deal (and growing) for my successful coaching business.

Quick Recap

For those that missed it, I shared a story that in hindsight I attribute to my current successful coaching business. Way back in the day, I was coaching a client and he was a leader in an organization. He felt the work I was doing with him would be invaluable to his entire direct staff. I gained SIX new clients in an instant. No marketing, flyers, emails, etc. It was my first taste of ‘sell’ once, AND get paid, in this case, SIX times. It took time but that is now how the core of my coaching business operates.

…coaches should continue to work with individuals BUT work within a framework that is scalable to the broader corporate market.

And this just happened…

The story I told on the webinar and recapped above proved my point that coaches should continue to work with individuals BUT work within a framework that is scalable to the broader corporate market. To me, it is the only way to go from the endless client acquisition hustle and start to fish for bigger fish, so to speak.

Back to what just happened…since broadcasting our webinar and today, it happened again but this time with TWENTY leaders. Let me repeat. I was working with one leader and the session was so powerful, I’m now working with TWENTY in her company. Plus, it is even more relevant to all you joining or considering to join us for our Certification in June because I used the same tools you get INCLUDED in your certification tuition.

The rundown and why it matters to my coaching business…

First Contact

This client engagement began with an Individual Values Assessment (IVA) that I did with a member of the HR team. It allowed me to have her experience the very work we would be doing with the team but on an individual basis. These sessions walk the line of a coaching session for the participant while simultaneously showing how it scales to all that will be participating.

This is critical because you are gaining trust from the very beginning. Using the same tools when I pitch to the client as the entire team will if we move forward is key to settling the nerves of a client who does not want any surprises!

It is a go!

The HR representative was impressed with my delivery and they trusted that the tool was valid and would provide valuable information regarding both their individual leadership capacity and the overall culture of the executive team, in this case. We got the green light.

This opens up doors for me. Some clients simply want to know the overall group data and work with that in a ‘culture shifting’ process and individual results are not prioritized. Others want to focus on the leadership development of individuals with the overall culture being secondary. While finally (and the most common) a mix of cultural transformation and individual leadership development. The best part is it is all one survey and one touch point for the client. They do not have to complete 10 things for me to deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Defining the Scope

The project was meant to be an overall culture snapshot and provide a path forward for the group. Meaning individual work was not of interest to them at this time. My team prepared the survey and worked with HR to get it to the participants that were in scope. Fast forward two weeks and we had the results.

Anything less than a 30-day turn-around is a HUGE selling point for a consultant. When a client wants something, the less time it takes to deliver the better!

The Results

We unpacked the results and I can not share details but there were more serious cultural issues than expected. The data was clear for me and the client. They decided that they were going to have us tap into those individual results and work with the leaders on an individual basis. A huge win for my business bottom line and my impact on this group.

I am speculating but I feel if I had to propose another survey or some other process at this stage, they would not have committed. The fact that all of the data and results were already collected meant there were zero friction points or barriers to opening up this new service to them.

To Recap:
  1. Individual Values Assessment (IVA) for the ‘decision-maker’.
  2. Survey setup and distribution.
  3. Results reviewed and summarized.
  4. Presentation to the team.
  5. Next steps decided (in this case, further coaching for the executive team)

Why this is GREAT news for your coaching business…

The tools I used in this client scenario above are the Individual Values Assessment (IVA) and the Small Group Assessment (SGA). You do not need to know what those entail right now but this is what you do need to know…when you get certified in June with us you get both of these tools FREE. Well, free is not true is it, a better way to say it is that it is included in your tuition.

Why does the Barrett Values Centre do this? They want you to use the tools right away and we want you to recoup your investment in the certification ASAP.

We support you on your journey to a successful coaching business. Past participants have even identified a potential client before even attending the live event. We work with you to follow the steps above to land your first client with these tools. Some do it for free for experience, while others charge. That is up to you but I will tell you that to date the above project will land in the mid-5-figures, at least.

If this all sounds appealing and you are ready to take your coaching business to the next level, click here to download our Introduction PDF to the certification, which includes an overview of each module of the training.


Any time we talk about money you need to know we do not guarantee anything for you. These results can not, in good conscience, be categorized as typical or to be expected. Kathleen and Massively Human cannot and do not guarantee you will get clients or generate income of any kind. What we can say is we work hard to deliver great training and support to help you make yourself successful in whatever you do.

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