Tap into your greatest asset: Your People

We Co-Create Sustainable

Values Driven Cultures


Culture Diagnostics, Transformation, and Leadership Development for any business of any size.

Tap into your greatest asset: Your People

We Co-Create Sustainable

Values Driven Cultures


Culture Diagnostics, Transformation, and Leadership Development for any business of any size.

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The Massively HumanTM Vision

To impact leadership on a global scale by creating tools, dialogue, and conditions for balanced and sustainable, values-driven success.

Kathleen SeeleyFounder & CEO Massively Human™ Companies
A Little Of Our Story

Started from the bottom and now we're here 🎶

Massively Human is new but our roots are deep and our offerings mature. Our Founder began this journey of human & organization potential optimization over 25 years ago when she attended her very first human potential training. It was during that 5-day experience where she discovered the secret to personal and organizational success begins with taking personal responsibility for the circumstances and condition of your life. She recognized transformation starts from the inside out, it's developmental and possible for everyone. Her insights have become our guiding philosophy. We encourage & develop authentic leadership in everyone, regardless of title; leadership is a behavior, not a role.

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The Massively Human Approach

A Values-Based
Approach to Everything

Values are silent motivators that underpin our behavior, emotions, beliefs, ideas and decision making. They are the anchors we use to make decisions so we can weather daily storms. Clarity of our values keep us aligned to our authentic self—and keep us true to the future we want to experience. The ability to express deeply held values in our lives and the workplace contributes to a sense of balance and fulfillment. Acting against personal values can hinder playing full out, resulting in a sense of disconnect and contribute to low levels of fulfillment and engagement. At Massively Human™, using values as a metric, we provide people and organizations with tangible tools and insights to awaken them to their own possibilities.

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Kathleen Seeley

CEO // Founder

Kathleen’s work is targeted to create sustainable values-driven cultures. A values-based approach is emerging among leadership around the world as a pathway to a more stable and sustainable human future. A focus on values takes us to a level of awareness beyond the short term and enables insight into meaning and purpose.

Her work is relevant as the requirements of leadership are undergoing a major transformation. Leaders are called to shift from delivering on short-term goals to positioning for long-range wider potential; from directing day-to-day to enabling environments of possibilities, and moving away from rules and procedures toward coordinated action through shared visions and values. The tools she shares are practical and her experiential method for teaching makes them immediately applicable.

Karson Grady

Director of Operations

Karson attended the University of Lethbridge, where he studied neuroscience. As an award-winning software developer, he is passionate about the intersection of technology and the employee experience. With his understanding of neuroscience, leadership, and technology Karson brings a unique perspective to this field and is dedicated to finding innovative solutions that drive success for organizations and their employees. Karson's deep interest in the interplay between technology and the new era of work, along with his technical skills and expertise, make him a valuable innovator in this field.

Natalie Alexia

Director of Business Development | Senior Facilitator

Natalie is an accomplished business leader, serving as the Director of Business Development for Massively Human Leadership®. With over two decades of experience in the industry and a decade of dedicated support for entrepreneurs, Natalie is well-equipped to help others create, grow, and scale their businesses. She is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of success, having owned, grown, and sold multiple businesses, including one that achieved seven-figure annual revenues before her 30th birthday. In addition, Natalie has demonstrated her marketing acumen through her work on the viral social media project "Love is the True Black," which resulted in a partnership with the United Nations and reached a global audience of approximately 400 million people.

Jani Ashmore

Senior Consultant

Jani is an Amazon.com best-selling author, international speaker and consultant to corporations in North and South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. She helps executives to front-line employees in: Leadership, Sales, Communication/Presentation Skills, Customer Service, and Team Building. She has contributed to 1,000’s of people in 100’s of organizations.

She has been a trainer for such luminaries as Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield. She is President/Board of Directors for the non-profit organization Global Family.

As a test of her physical abilities, Jani is an accomplished fire walker, black belt in karate, marathon runner, has parachuted/tandem sky dived, and hiked the Grand Canyon from rim to rim.

Veronica Parkes

Director of Content

Veronica's ability to think outside the box, combined with her strong project management skills, ensures that Massively Human Leadership stays ahead of the curve and continues to deliver impactful work. Veronica’s contributions to the team have not gone unnoticed, and she is widely regarded as a leader and a key player in the company’s success.